How to get these preparations

Do it yourself

A farm is regarded as an individuality, as a living organism. It’s forces, its microbiology etc. go well together and belong together.
There fore: Make your own Preparations.

The making requires a lot: access to cow horns, good cow dung, rock cristal or similar. Cultivate, certain flowers and organs, access to places for digging and for storing the preparations. The conditions differ in a wide range.

It needs some time.

Seen in relation to what we can get, the work hours are not so much.

But you have to plan ahead, to wait until you can pick the flowers, and maybe you have to cultivate them first. Then you have to wait until you can fill them into their covers and put them into the earth. Then you have to wait until you can dig them up. Then you have to add some weeks for finally ripening them. And as you can do so only once a year, you have to plan one more year ahead.

For beginners it can last very long until they have got all their own preparations together.

Please note: Although my large experience in all aspects of the making of the Preparations, I only give informations about it in my book or on demand. It is more important to apply them than to know how to make them.

Joint venture

You can work together, join experienced producers and groups.

Fairly every group organizes the work in its own way.

In some places, beginners get whole sets of preparations form the first day on.

Buying preparations

Making preparations is time-consuming. Producing quality needs a lot of attention and care.

To be on the safe side: Buy the preparations.

There are producers who make and sell large quantities of preparations.

In some places you must get member of a Biodynamic organization to get the preparations.

I reduce my production. I have not the optimal conditions for it. And I am deeply engaged for the preparations. I prefer to help others to make good preparations.

Links to providers and sources

Other offers

Some producers and organizations offer also courses about the making and using the preparations, consultation, they sell raw materials, sprayers and stirring tools. In certain places there exist also stirring and spraying services.

The standards of quality vary in a very wide range. So it is not easy to say something serious about the effects of these preparations.
I always say: We need a basic formation for the preparation works.

My manual is in German: Presentation of the book