Some Sprayers I Already Worked With


Pressure: Specially for Horn Manure exist recommendations for low pressure (0.8 bar, 2 bar). It seems that at higher pressure parts of the effect get lost.

Materials: See remarks for stirring vessels.

My own construction

Everything in a beer crate: Compact and easy to move.

  • On top: Drawing in tube with filter: For the preparation, I can use any container.
  • Diaphragm pump (left on top).
  • Accumulator 12 volt (left below).
  • Expansion tank (red).
  • For Horn Manure: Windscreen wiper motor and a plain orifice nozzle. (right side)


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My construction on a tractor

You can see the jet of the Horn Manure going up to the right side.

The preparation is in a vessel on the three point hitch.

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My construction on a donkey

Spraying Horn Silica with hollow conenozzles.

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My construction on a pack saddle of a horse

Demonstration at the Bio-Dynamic Agriculture Conference at the Goetheanum, February 2002.

You can see the jet of the Horn Silica going up to the right side.

Animals can also go where and when tractors etc. cannot drive. They do lesst harm the soil.

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Sprayer / mistblower for three point hitch

  • For Horn Manure: Plain orifice nozzles on a windscreen wiper motor.
  • For Horn Silica: A mistblower.

Forschungsring offers also front sprayers for combination with soil cultivation. makes similar sprayers / mistblowers. Also sells them.

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Knapsack Mistblower

My prefered sprayer for Horn Silica. The ventilator brings a mist on everything. You can work big areas and high treetops.

You can vary the quantity of the preparation without limits.

Disatvantage: Two-stroke engine: It makes a loud noise and works with a mix of oil in the gasoline.  /  /
Alternatives: / etc.

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Sprayer with electric diaphragm pump

The motor makes a discrete noise.
No effort for pumping.
No handle. That is an advantage in a greenhouse full of tomatoes e.g. /
from Qilee China: / www.Rü /

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Trombone sprayer

My preferred way to spray Horn Manure.

It pumps and sprays whilst stretching and contracting.

You can hold it in different position. That makes it less strenuous.

It is sold as a bucket sprayer. I put a container in a knapsack.

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Compressed air sprayer

They do not cost too much. Good for small surfaces.

Pumping air in by hand needs some time and can be strenuous. When you can fill them with compressed air, you can work faster and easier.

Market gardeners like them.

Without handle.

You can put small ones into a knapsack sprayer. I worked so when I walked on crutches. That is also a way for children to spray., Garden center etc.

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Knapsack sprayer with external piston pump

Drenching roots with Horn Manure Preparation

Around the periphery of the treetop, the two women lift the soil with the help of digging forks to make cavities.

The man fills in Horn Manure.


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Spraying treetops with Horn Silica etc.

I have put a long tube on the sprayer and fixed it on a telescopic bar. It is not the easiest way, but if you have only some single trees, it is an option which does not cost a fortune.

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Knapsack sprayer with internal piston pump

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Application of Horn Manure with the stirring tool

For small surfaces.

You also can work with a cup.

Or with the bare hand.

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We do not work with pesticides, so we can use any nozzles: Hollow cone nozzles, plain orifice nozzle (see photo), flat jets, fan nozzles etc.

I work with nozzles from SSCO - Spraying Systems AG:



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The pictures are taken from my book: „Die Düngerpräparate Rudolf Steiners…“ You will find there detailed descriptions of these and other sprayers.
The big book of the Bio-Dynamic Preparations.



Already long ago I had the idea. Now there exist drones for agricultural applications. But they are efficient, and you can spray always on every soil and every culture. Also if you cannot drive to go there. They have their price. Conducting by hand.

Switzerland: /

Video: Spraying of preparations using a drone (MP4, 20.7 MB)
Demonstration at the Goetheanum, Dornach, 6 February 2020


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Air Pressure Sprayers

I know some self-constructions of air pressure sprayer. But they can be a risk. If you pump too much air in, they can explode.

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