The Big Book of the Bio-Dynamic Preparations

Die Düngerpräparate Rudolf Steiners
Herstellung und Anwendung

Author/Editor: Walter Stappung

in German

with 280 photos in black-and-white and in colors, charts and drawings.

With a preface from Dr. Uli Johannes König.

This encyclopedia is founded on the study of Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Course. With a multitude of citations and references. It is the collection of all available informations about the Preparations, wordwide and from 1924 on. It is also the result of decades of experience in Switzerland and outside. With a lot of practical tips, scientific explications, technical instructions and bibliographical references.

Table of contents (PDF)

Part 1: (Main part), 632 pages A4, Bound book. ISBN 978-3-9521944-3-0 Fr. / € 112.–

Part 2: (appendix): Bibliography, 116 pages A4, Adhesive binding. ISBN: 978-3-9521944-4-7. Fr. / € 35.-

Part 1 + 2: ISBN: 978-3-9521944-5-4. Fr. / € 128.-

Published by the author, February 2017. Prices subject to alterations.

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  • „You give the basic facts!“ (Jasmin, Biodynamic farmer)
  • „Your book is an instruction for exact observation!“ (C.St. 5.9.2018)