Walter Stappung - About Me

My work

I am an independent researcher. I care for the practical preparation works: I am looking for practicable methods which also should be effective and fit into Rudolf Steiner’s concept. I am living in Switzerland, but I also interested in internationalquestions about the preparations.

My areas of competence

  • A lot of relations in- and outside Switzerland.
  • Long experience in the making and application of the Bio-Dynamic Preparations, alone, in groups, in- and outside Switzerland, also on farms in conversion.
  • Recovering the organs of deer and cow (anatomical backgrond knowledge), collecting flowers.
  • Organising the making of the Preparations, also in groups and as seminar.
  • Storing the Preparations; installation of stocks for the Preparations.
  • Application of the Compost Preparations, Making and applying various Preparations which are made from the Compost Preparations. (CPP, 500p etc.)
  • Stirring and spraying technology for the Spray Preparations: Planning and installation of devices for the stirring of the Preparations. I have two transparent containers to make the action of stirring visible: One of 30 x 50 cm and one of 50 x 70 cm.
  • Organisation of joint stirring actions, also connected with farm parties and farm tours
  • Applying technology: Long experience as contract sprayer specially with knapsack sprayers, construction of sprayers for pack saddles, tractors, quads etc. Read more on Sprayers
  • Additional knowledges through lecture of the worldwide litterature on the Preparations.

I speak and read German, French and English. I already have deciphered texts from some other languages.

Arranging contacts, transmission and communication of experience and specialist knowledge

By instruction of single persons, conferences and seminars Link, publications Link and maybe by the way of a basic formation for Preparation Professionals.